My name is Devin Street, and I am running for your North Carolina FBLA State President. Below you can find the platforms of my campaign and articles I have written on FBLA. Be sure to watch the video above where I go into much depth about my campaign


Qualities I Have To Become President

Making FBLA Year Round and Increasing Participation

FBLA is a great organization that many are only a part of for a month or two out of the year for State Competition. This is one issue I really want to tackle in making NC FBLA better.

Participation is low at the Regional competition level, something I really want to improve. A place where participation is even lower is at the Fall Leadership Conference. Many don’t even know about this Conference and I believe it would be a very enjoyable experience for all members of FBLA. Last year the conference was held in cities like New Orleans and St. Louis, but next year it will be hosted in our home state in Charlotte, meaning we should be seeing record high participation from North Carolina at the conference and I would love to see every single member from State conference in Charlotte this fall.

My main goal is to have record numbers participating at Regional Competition, the Fall Leadership Competition, and State Conference.

Outside of conferences, I would love for NC FBLA to offer many other opportunities. One of these opportunities we could offer is public speaking events to regions and chapters. We could see athletes like Kemba Walker, Dywane Wade, and Cam Newton come to speak to chapters about leadership and making sacrifices. We could also hear from authors like J.K. Rowling, Stephen King, and James Patterson on the work they put into their books, the themes it can teach students, and lessons they have learned in their life. Finally, we could hear from famous successful entrepreneurs like Gary Vaynerchuk, Evan Carmichael, and Tai Lopez on their struggles and journey to the top.

I would also like to see workshops taking place at Regional Competition. We have many workshops at State Conference but few, if any, at Regional Competition. With these workshops, members could learn more about the different aspects of business and have more options of what they can do at Regional Competition.

Creating More Middle Level Chapters

When I started my FBLA career four years ago, I started in the Middle Level and became very engaged with FBLA. Without the Middle Level, I don’t think I would have been so invested in FBLA as I am now and I believe many others wouldn’t either.

Because of that reason, another one of my main goals is to create more Middle Level chapters. As the president, I personally want to get into contact with ever single high school chapter to make sure the kids coming from the middle schools have a Middle Level chapter. If that high school’s corresponding middle schools do not have Middle Level chapters I want to immediately get one established.

The more middle chapters we have, the more competitions we can offer to members on the middle level, in turn helping more students to find an event they would like to compete in.

Improving Communication Technology

As a state, we are behind on the current technology and our way to communicate with each other so we are all on the same page and have the same understanding of information. With that being said, we need to improve our communication technology.

We have social media accounts for NC FBLA but these accounts are not very active or active at all. I want these accounts to strive for daily posting, answering any questions members and advisers have. I want you to feel like you can message these accounts and get answers within hours.

Another thing we have to offer is Each month on the 10th of every month, State Officers must create an article communicating information to their regions and the state. Along with this article, I would like to create videos along with any other state officer that would like to help to get information across easier. This means we will start an NC FBLA YouTube Channel for members to subscribe to so that they can learn more about what is going on in the state.

One other thing we can do throughout our social media accounts and is recognize members for their accomplishments in their FBLA careers, academic careers, and professional careers.

Finally, I want to tell you about the biggest project of my presidential plan for my goal of creating better communication; creating the NC FBLA App. Many states already have their own state FBLA App including Tennessee, Texas, Georgia, Pennsylvania, and so many others. When we create this app, we will be able to add schedules for all conferences that will update instantly if there is a change. We can also offer study material for events and maps of the convention centers to help members and advisers find their way around. When I become president, I plan to work on the app throughout this summer and launch it this fall.

One of the most important things we need is communication, and with the improved social media accounts,, the YouTube channel, and the NC FBLA App, we can make communication clear for everyone.

Program of Works For Vice Presidents

This was an idea that was personally requested by current Vice Presidents to me to take NC FBLA to new heights. A Program of Works that we could give to the current Vice Presidents of their region would involve them getting together all the goals they want to achieve in their region.

Making these goals clear to each region can help us to strive to do much better by improving our regions, helping members prepare for competitions, and help to establish more Middle Level chapters.

Here Is A Free Book For You! ($6.99 Value)

As an added bonus to convince you to vote for me for State President, I would like to give you a free copy of my book, TubeStarter. Due to current restraints by Amazon, the book will become free tonight at Midnight and throughout the rest of the Conference until Wednesday night. If you got to the page before the book becomes free, please bookmark the page and go back to it later

Click here to get your free book!

Have Questions? Want To Contact Me?

I understand that all your questions still might not be answered. So I want to give you many ways to message me. I will be extremely busy, but I want to try to be able to respond to you within 30 minutes to an hour. So below are many ways to contact me.

We Are Prepared For Take-Off!

So now we are ready to take NC FBLA to new heights, and I need your help! If you are a voting delegate, I ask you to please make sure to vote me for your next President, as I am your best available option to execute these plans.

If you are not a voting delegate, please ask your adviser who the voting delegates are, and then ask them to vote for me and come to this web-page to watch the video and read about everything I have to offer for NC FBLA.

I want to thank you so much for reading the entire article and being part of NC FBLA. You can click here to read another article I have written on FBLA, and I want to wish you luck in your events, you are competing in this year and I hope you are able to place and make it to nationals. Thanks again and Vote Devin Street!