Yes, I know it’s been a long time since I published a blog post and it’s because I’ve been very very busy!!! But I decided I need to make this one to catch everyone up with what I’m currently doing and what I planned to be doing in the future. So here we go…

Senior Year of High School!

It’s finally my senior year and boy is it stressful! It seems like every single day I am filling out an application for a college or a scholarship and it can take up lots of my time. My AP courses this year have much less of a workload but all the free time has been replaced by applications and studying for standardized tests. I feel very confident in myself though and believe that I will be accepted to my number one choice for a college while paying little to no tuition. It’s all nerve-wracking but I’ll make sure to keep everyone updated in another blog post later.

Outside of that, I am back at it again with another year of cross country. We have a great team this year and it will be a really enjoyable season. I’m hoping to break my personal record of a twenty minute 5K, but with all the meets being canceled due to weather, I’ll just have to wait and see how this season turns out.

The YouTube Channel and Online Business

I continue to be patient with my YouTube channel as it continues to slowly grow day by day. It is currently at 735 subscribers at the time of writing this and I continue to get new subscribers every day. My goal is a least 1000 subscribers before 2018 is over. It is a big goal based on the previous statistics of the channel but I believe I can do it.

OEM is also doing great. I’ve been making a few sales here and there and I have recently run a free promotion of the book TubeStarter for this week. I am also learning Google Ads and how I can utilize them to gain more traction. The future looks bright for the company as I am planning some big things (maybe some physical products) for the future.

TubeStarter and Future Books

Now what I see as the fun part of this blog post. TubeStarter was a great first book to launch. Currently, it has sold over 500 eBook and paperback copies and may sell up to 1000 copies by its one year anniversary. I’m glad for a small little first book that it is actually performing really well.

As far as future books go, I am really excited. I will be releasing a book in December of this year all about how 10 entrepreneurs grew their Instagram pages into massive accounts of 500K to 5 million followers. The best part about this book is it will be completely FREE! No strings attached or anything. One eBook copy on Amazon for $0.00!!!

But that is not even my main project at the moment. Currently, I am editing a major book to release in the very early summer of 2019. This book is a massive task for me at the moment and will probably be my greatest achievement of this decade. I can not wait to share details about this book but I won’t release anything until around half a year from now.

Anyway, this is what I am currently up to. This was just a nice simple update on what I am currently doing in my life. I can’t wait to share more soon!



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