Many people have trouble with coming up with video ideas. It can be hard at sometimes when you have writer’s block to come up with an idea for your next upload. With that being said, I have many ideas that can help you jumpstart your next idea to create a video.

Below is a list of ideas for your YouTube channel! Also, there are videos above and below giving a total of 63 different YouTube video ideas.

  1. Sketch/Skit
  2. Favorite YouTubers
  3. Blooper Reel
  4. Teach a subject
  5. Talk about a personal hero
  6. Theory Video
  7. Definition Video
  8. Milestone Video
  9. Holiday Video
  10. Reading Comments
  11. Home / School / Work Tour
  12. Music Video
  13. Review On A Product / Video / Book / App
  14. Favorite Books
  15. Remake an old video
  16. Overhaul of channel
  17. Have a debate with another person
  18. Give your opinion on an issue
  19. Time-lapse video
  20. History of your city
  21. Presentation / Slide Show
  22. Vacation/Trip Vlog
  23. Channel Trailer
  24. Unboxing Product
  25. Compilation of Best/Worst Moments
  26. Parody Video
  27. Collaboration
  28. Interview
  29. Prank Video
  30. Live Streams
  31. Explainer Video (Example: Why some people are left-handed?)
  32. Q & A
  33. Subscriber Shout Out
  34. What’s On My Phone
  35. Draw My Life
  36. Story About Why You Have A YouTube Channel. Be real, it will sell to your audience
  37. Animation Video
  38. Tips On A Skill You Have
  39. Studio Tour
  40. Day In The Life (School / Work Vlog)

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