Before The Interview

-Do Your Research

Before your interview even happens, it’s a great idea to study up on the company that you are applying for. One of the most impressive things you can show the employer is showing your knowledge about how well you know the company, it’s history, it’s success, it’s leaders, and it’s future plans and goals.

Not only will this show them that you are very involved in the business and very dedicated and interested, but it will also show how great of  a researcher you are and how you could be a valuable asset to the company.

-Send A Pre-Interview Message

Before the interview it would also be a great idea to send a message showing your excitement and confidence for the interview. Send them an email, social media message, or even an old fashion letter to show them how much you care about this interview.

This message will come off as very professional and give you ahead start above everyone else in the interview if you write the message correctly with proper grammar, correct spelling, and professional language.

During The Interview

-Don’t Oversell. Be Honest. Be Yourself.

The last thing you want to do in an interview is oversell yourself for something you are not. The reason you are at the interview is because you want a job that you can keep for a long term. If you oversell yourself and create too high expectations that you can’t meet, then you will be fired within the first few weeks or even days of being employed.

Be honest and tell them what you are an expert at, what you are good at, what you could use some work on, and what you a horrible at. The company not only could be looking for a certain specialist but also will be willing to help you build in areas you are not the best as long as you sell yourself as a quick learner who could improve those areas with the right training.

After The Interview

-Follow Up Letter/Message

After the interview is over, within the next 24 hours you need to get back in contact with the employer again and thank them for letting you come to the interview. This is your final impression on them and could make the difference if they are having a hard time choosing between you and another candidate.

Convince them that you will see them again and that you are the right person for the job and that you will bring value to the company. Just like the pre-interview message, make sure this one proper grammar, correct spelling, and professional language.

 Once You Get The Job

-Prove Them They Choose The Right Person

Finally, once you get this job work as hard as you possible can and show the employer that you were the right choice. Do everything you promised to them and re-insure them that they didn’t make a mistake. Your chances of being fired with drop drastically and the chance of you getting a raise will skyrocket.

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