There are some great cheap gifts on Amazon. Here are a few great gifts under $10.

Lucoo® Women’s Global Travel By Plane World Map Dress Watch


This very stylish world map watch is great for any woman! The watch has a denim faux leather strap. The plane also rotates around with the watch, which is a cool feature. It’s a great gift for that one person who loves travel.

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Emoji Smiley Emoticon Cushion Pillow


Let’s be honest, you’ve probably always wanted an emoji pillow to sit on your bed or use as a couch decoration. Maybe someone you know loves emojis and would love it. No matter what, it’s only around $3 and not a bad price for a pretty large pillow.

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M-Egal Classic Half Frame Semi-Rimless Sunglasses


These M-Egal glasses with a metal and plastic frame with PC look expensive! People who see you with them will probably believe they cost anywhere between $20 to $50. But the craziest part is, they are only $2.75! Better pick-up a pair before they are out of stock.

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5 Pair of Replacement Ear Buds Tips


We all lose our earbud tips from time to time. In fact, I’m on my fourth replacement pair with my new Bluetooth earbuds. But luckily I have many replacements, so when I lose them, I don’t give up my ability to listen to music until I go get a new replacement.

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7 Rules Of Life Motivational Poster


You have to get this poster! Waking up and reading this every morning will change your life! If you follow the rules that you are reminded of at the beginning of every day, then you will see a change in your life. Also, did I mention that it’s only $2?

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