Instagram is destroying Snapchat at the moment with over 250 million daily active users. The power of the Instagram story is becoming greater and greater. Marketers are salivating at new features Instagram continues to put out for it’s stories and one of the greatest features was released recently.

This week, Instagram released the polling feature for Instagram stories that allows you to poll your audience with questions and let them vote on two choices. As a test of this I decided to poll my followers (follow me @devin_street if you’re not already) with a simple question of the color red vs. the color blue. Surprisingly, blue won 68% to 32%, which means I was smart in choosing colors for my personal brand.

The power of the poll on stories will be a major way businesses can get data from their audiences to make decisions. For example, I saw Disney doing a poll on Disney dogs vs. Disney cats. The final results were around 51% dog and 49% cat, meaning Disney should probably not neglect either of the animals going forward in movie creation and marketing.

What I believe is great about this is helping me to create quick decisions. If I’m stuck on making a new YouTube video on either Instagram or YouTube, now I could quickly poll my audience for them to tell me which one they want to see.

While both YouTube cards and Twitter have this feature of polling already, I doesn’t seem to have the interactivity that the Instagram poll gets. Out of all the votes on my story, I only had 3% of viewers that didn’t vote and it’s most likely because they didn’t know how to vote yet since it was the first day of the feature.

This feature will continue to be developed most likely for more voting options and more similar interactive stickers like polls for Instagram stories. I super excited for the future of Instagram and the power of stories.

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