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YouTube Red, now a little over a year old, could become the thing that YouTube relies on in the coming months for income after the recent YouTube Boycott. YouTube will need as many of the site’s visitors as possible to sign-up for the subscription service to continue to be able to pay the great creators on the site, as the boycott has seen all creators take a drop in ad revenue. So here I have five reasons on why you should get YouTube Red, especially after the recent boycott.

1. No Ads, No Ads, & No Ads

One key feature of YouTube Red is that there are no ads! Now you can click on any video you want without having to wait up to 30 seconds to view and video see if you even want to watch it. While by 2018 this feature will become less valuable as 30 second ads will no longer be available, it is still very useful now.

2. Watch without Wi-Fi

One of the biggest reasons I use the service is because the “Download” feature. YouTube’s Terms of Service don’t allow you to download other people’s videos, or you can get into some huge legal trouble. But, YouTube Red offers an offline feature that let’s you download a video you want and then when there is no internet that you can still open the YouTube app and watch videos offline without internet. It’s great for saving data on your phone or keeping a video from buffering in the middle of watching it. It’s so use that it has become my replacement for the “Water Later” button.

3. Background Play & Free Google Play Music

One thing that is extremely use with YouTube Red is the “Background Play” feature. If you want to listen to a song or podcast, but don’t want to leave your screen on because it waster battery and/or you have the phone in your pocket and you are afraid of it hitting something that will close out the video or pause it, then this feature is perfect for you. The feature allows you to turn your screen off while you have a video playing and you can still listen to the audio. Also if you are a lover of music, then I would suggested download the YouTube Music app with this feature. One other thing for music junkie is that YouTube Red also gives you Free Google Play Music subscription.

4. YouTube Red Originals

One feature that is slowly becoming more popular with YouTube Red is the YouTube Red Original Series and Movies. This is one way to get some extra content from your favorite YouTubers! Plus there are some amazing ideas they are coming up with, for example, one of the coolest YouTube Red Original Movies is “The Thinning” starring Peyton List and Logan Paul. Soon YouTube Red will also be getting it’s first cartoon series, “Kings of Atlantis”

Kings of Atlantis

5. Help Support Creators

With the recent YouTube Boycott, all creators on YouTube have taken a huge ad revenue drop. This drop in revenue will be extremely hard for creators who just recently turned YouTube into their full-time job. They just made enough money to make a living creating videos, but now all these people will have to get a second or even a third job to survive. They will now have to work very hard just to be able to eat and also their content is going to suffer because they have less time to put into each video. But YouTube Red subscribers who watch they help they still earn lots of revenue. In fact, someone watching with YouTube Red would make them more money than someone who watch an ad before a video. So if all the other reasons to get YouTube Red above do not make you want to get it, at least subscribe to it just to help these people out.

So, there is five reasons I believe you should get YouTube Red. Are you going to get YouTube Red? Do you already have it? Let me know by commenting. If you want to learn more about YouTube Red and how to get it, click here. Also soon a video will be going up on my YouTube channel explaining why the offline feature of YouTube Red is so important. If you want to check that video out, be sure to subscribe to my channel by going here.

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